Lisa and Kennedy

Lisa and Kennedy

January 01, 2019 0 Comments

Our mission in this life is to give back to others. That is actually an understatement. In reality, we really want to change the world! It is a huge task, but we are compelled to follow our hearts. Kennedy and I developed a true love for philanthropy and embracing any cause that came our way. Our drive to be entrepreneurs comes from the influence of our parents. They instilled the motivation in us to pursue what we believe in. From a young age, we always loved helping others. We knew that our goal in life was to make a difference. Ndulge started with our passion to give back and that is exactly what we are doing! 33% of every customer purchase with the Ndulge collection is given back to someone in need.


We were given the tools to truly understand what it meant to be blessed and that there are many others, who are not. We had a closer look into the lives of those less fortunate. We have met many people along this significant journey, who impacted our lives. They will always have a special place in our hearts. We are happy to say, many of the women we have met, reached above their limitations and changed their lives for the better. We believe that you should embrace your blessings and pass it on. Our family had a Christmas charity event for under-privileged children each year, donating something as simple as a mattress. The significance of this thing, that others take for granted, was not lost upon us. Giving brings us joy and a sense of relief and hope to others. Even though, we were the ones giving back, many of the people we have encountered, also gave us a sense of hope.


As we got older, we wanted the spirit of giving to be bigger, reaching more people and ultimately changing the lives of many. If you take a look at our website,, you will see that it includes our lifestyle collection of leggings, shirts, jewelry and even handbags! Every purchased item is attached to a charity for that month and named after someone, who has been directly impacted by that cause. For example, our necklace named after Lisa, supports victims of domestic violence. Our bag named Kim supports children in the foster care system. Each item purchased is a way to give back to those who need it the most. Don’t forget about our life stylists! Hundreds of women across the U.S. have teamed up and joined Ndulge on its journey. They are selling action wear to anyone and everyone, spreading our passion, outreach, and love. We are truly grateful for all of our life stylists, because without them, none of this would have been possible. It is a true sisterhood! Sharing the passion for paying it forward, hundreds of Ndulge life stylists have donated over $200,000 dollars to a range of charities and helped to empower many women and children. Our adventure has just begun. We hope that you embrace this beautiful and meaningful journey with us and choose to help fashion take action!



Lisa and Kennedy

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