My Best Doggie Self

My Best Doggie Self

November 28, 2018 0 Comments

My Best Doggie Self

~ by Jackson, a 12-year old Puggle, UnChained Program Dog, and star pupil

I hear that there are some humans who think I’m “just a dog” and so I must not feel very deeply. But, when I was dropped off at a rescue after being with a family for 12 years, I felt something alright – fear! I was scared but the people at the rescue were so nice and then I went home with a woman and met her family that included her, a man, two kids and two other dogs. I didn’t really understand what was happening but I did my best to adapt and try to be a good boy. And, it was going OK until the second night when that nice woman did the unthinkable… she gave me a bath! Once I got all dry, I got into my bed and snuggled in to sleep near the big dogs and boy, did I sleep well.

A few weeks later, the lady (she calls herself my foster mom) took me to a place in Salinas where I met two kids who turned out to be really good teachers. They called themselves my “youth trainers” and are part of this group called UnChained. They made this cool clicking sound when I did something that they liked and I couldn’t believe what came after that click – hot dogs and cheese! My foster mom told them that I’m “food-motivated”. I’m not really sure what that means but I know that I learned really fast when my youth trainers had praise and treats to give me. I learned sit and down and stay and this really cool move called “dance” where I jump and spin in the air. And, yes, those little bites of cheese are totally worth it!

I can hear joyful laughter around me when I arrive at class because I’m just so excited to be there that I have to show it with my face and body and tail! They can’t believe I’m 12 years old because my inner puppy comes out. One of my favorite parts of class is when we go for our walk and my youth trainers run with me. We have the best time and get all our excited energy out so that we can focus on learning. They keep telling me that learning all this new stuff will help me find a new home and that they will make sure I am loved and taken care of. And, that this time, I won’t be dropped off at a rescue. They say that this time, I get to stay in my home forever.

And, my trainers know what they’re talking about because they’ve had their hearts broken, too. You see, they’re in the foster care system and they know what it means to feel abandoned and need a new family. They promised not to give up on me. And you know, I’m not going to give up on them either.

One day, my foster mom had some friends over and I got to be the star of the show. A girl named Robin and a boy named Ryan made sure I knew my basic manners and then they brought out some funny looking stuff they called “agility equipment.” They seemed very happy to show all of this new stuff to me and to teach me. All I know is, when there’s a piece of cheese at the other end of a blue tunnel, I don’t know why any dog wouldn’t run right through it… so I did! Ryan and Robin were really nice to me. When they were talking into a camera, I jumped up so that I could be near my new friends. Aren’t friends the greatest?!? What would we do without them?

My new friends at UnChained are helping me learn, making me stronger and making me into my best doggie self. I hope that I’m doing that for them, too. Everyone deserves a second chance. Don’t you agree?

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