Prerana Orphanage of LOVE

Prerana Orphanage of LOVE

December 12, 2018 0 Comments

In Kathmandu, Nepal, there are 16 children that call Prerana Orphanage their home. Each one of these children were abandoned on the street when they were just days old. This is a devastating problem that is being combated by a kind and loving woman named Uma. Recognizing the severity of this growing phenomenon, Uma new she had to do something to stop it. 12 years ago she opened Prerana Orphanage. Over the years she has welcomed children into her home and has done everything she can for not only those that live at Prerana, but others within her community as well. Uma says she loves all the children as if they were her one; they are truly one big family.

Uma often works three jobs to support the children at the orphanage. She also has an incredible husband that is extremely supportive of her goals and dreams, along with two children of her own. To assist her with all the children, she has four women that work at Prerana Orphanage. Each of the women love and adore the children and provide outstanding care for them. There is joy and happiness that flows through the orphanage every single day, so much so that their nightly activity often turns into a dance party.

Uma values the commitment the four women have made to the orphanage and understands the importance of self-care. Uma and the women began creating handmade necklaces to take a step back from the craziness of life, relax and have some fun of their own. They never anticipated that their handmade necklaces would be sold in America, but they are!

In May of 2018 I graduated with my Master of Social Work degree from Arizona State University. As an intern at the Office of Global Social Work, which resides at ASU, I had the privilege of traveling to Nepal during the entire month of December, 2018. While I was there I was introduced to a woman that would change my life forever; Uma. She graciously welcomed me into Prerana Orphanage to spend time with her and the children. They hosted myself and another intern for Christmas, which of course turned into a giant dance party (I am not proud to say that my Nepali dancing is worse than my American dancing, which I didn’t think was possible).

Have you ever searched aimlessly to figure out what your niche is in life or hoped that you could find something that truly mattered and made your heart burst with excitement? Well, after I connected with Prerana Orphanage, my search was over… I’ll never forget the moment when all of the children piled on top of me shouting “Aunty, I love you Aunty”! At that exact moment there was an unexplainable feeling that came over me; a feeling that I had been praying I would someday experience. I beam with joy and happiness whenever I think of them, hear from them, or when they send me picture updates. Thank you to my friends and family (and random people I don’t even know) for listening to my nonstop talk about how amazing my Nepali family is! Uma and the children have made an indescribable impact on my life.

During my visit I had a long talk with Uma about her struggles, goals and vision for the future. Not once did she talk about herself, but all for the betterment of the children. She expressed to me how little of funding and support they receive. She told me how she fears every day that they won’t have enough money to feed the children, provide them with clothes, or pay for their schooling. She puts on a brave face for everyone around her but inside these are real concerns. I promised Uma that I would do everything I could to ensure that she will no longer have to spend her days worrying. I had no idea how I was going carry through with this commitment; I just knew I had to do something.

As my visit was coming to an end, Uma gave myself and the other intern that was with me, one of their handmade necklaces as a gift. We were stunned at how beautiful it was and immediately asked if we could buy a few to take home to my friends and family. Sure enough, she plopped down about 200 necklaces on the table. My jaw dropped... What were they going to do with all of these, I asked?! She explained that they had hoped to maybe sell them someday but had no idea where to start. The wheels in my brain started turning. Impulsively (story of my life), I asked if they would trust me to take all of the necklaces home, sell them and send 100% of the money directly back to them. To my surprise they agreed… Both of us interns packed everything up and off we went with hundreds of necklaces in hand traveling from Nepal to China then to Michigan and finally to Arizona!

Since returning home, I have continuously sold necklaces and done my best to raise money to send the orphanage. I have raised thousands of dollars in sales and additional donations from customers wanting to provide more support. I have also created an educational sponsorship program that has provided funds for school tuition, books, and new uniforms. As more people have been enquiring about purchasing necklaces, the women at Prerana Orphanage are working endlessly to produce and send me more in the mail. They are getting more creative with the styles and have even started making bracelets. One of the most rewarding aspects of this entire journey has been hearing how excited these women and children are as they receive money in the mail from something that they created. This is extremely empowering and uplifting for each and every one of them. It has been an absolute blessing to see them following their dreams.

As expected, there are frequently needs that arise because, well, there are 16 children to care for. An example of this was recently their entire water system broke at the orphanage. Can you imagine 16 children that don’t have access to water? It’s truly heartbreaking to think about. Nevertheless, the cost to fix this need was $1,500. I immediately started rallying friends and family together to donate any amount of money they could spare. I accomplished the goal of raising the amount for the replacement; however I can’t keep running to my friends and family every time something like this happens.

We need more help!!!!

According to the Library of Congress, minimum wage in Nepal is about $92.00 USD per month. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t try and think of ways to provide them more financial support. I have been working hard to develop a business plan to generate more revenue from the necklaces and bracelets; however I have been doing this alone, until now!

In February of 2018 I met an incredible family that would help take the support for the orphanage to the next level. I met this family at a store where I was selling necklaces. Per usual I shared, with excitement, the story of Uma and the children. As I was talking with this family, I noticed the same spark in their eyes that I had when I was in Nepal with Uma and the children. Just as I had done, they insisted that they had to get involved and do more to help!

The family proceeded to tell me about their company that’s called Ndulge. They offered to donate a portion of their sales to the orphanage [among other ways they have graciously helped]. There are no words to describe my gratitude to the Ndulge family for their commitment to making a difference, their pure selflessness and the love they are spreading world wide. Uma, the children and I are honored that Ndulge has included Prerana Orphanage in their mission of change making. This partnership will undoubtedly change the future of the orphanage.

The needs YOUR purchase will help meet:


  • School tuition sponsorships: it is $180 to sponsor one child for a whole year.
  • Money for school books and uniforms as required for each new school year.
  • A new computer and internet connection.
  • Money for new clothes. All 16 children share and pass down clothing and they are getting warn down.
  • Other living expenses, such as food and hygiene necessities.
  • Home repairs.

Your support could help change the lives of all the children that call Prerana Orphanage their home. As you can expect, with minimum wage being at an average $92.00 per month, a little money goes a long way in Nepal. The more money WEraise, the more lives WEcan impact.

Thank you for your love and support,

Megan xoxo

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