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8 out of 10 people find long-term safety through domestic violence services at A New Leaf. Proceeds from The Lonique bracelet help clothe and empower survivors.

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Today Lonique is a safe, thriving single mother with a job, a car, and long-term independence, but at the beginning of her journey she felt there was no hope for her and her three young children.

With promises of more income and a stable home, Lonique and her kids packed up and moved from Michigan to Arizona to be closer to her daughter’s father. She was in search of family and security for her children. What they found when they arrived was an unemployed man with little money and a drinking problem who became abusive.

Lonique turned to the domestic violence hotline for help, and was cared for by A New Leaf at their Faith House for four months.

It was a turning point in her life, and one she is grateful for every day.

Read Lonique’s complete story in the New Leaf newsletter.

Lonique - A New Leaf
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Your purchase of the Lonique Bracelet helps women find their way through life’s hardest moments.

For every three you buy, we’ll make a direct donation of ActionWear to a woman in need.

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