Started by a group of sisters who are passionate about making a difference, Ndulge benefits those in need through sales made from our clothing collections. Coast to coast, women are joining our sisterhood and selling Ndulge action wear to support our mission of giving.

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Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world

Howard Zinn

Leading the Way in Chic Apparel with Heart

Ndulge is more than a clothing company. It’s a sisterhood that reaches coast to coast with women passionate about improving lives selling Action Wear to support our mission of giving.

For Every 3 You Purchase, We Give 1 To Someone In Need

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As children, my sisters and I were always taught the importance of giving. We’d visit orphanages in Mexico, help at women’s shelters, and have a yearly Christmas carnival for children in need.

Of all the experiences I had with these women and children, one stands out above the rest. It’s the one that taught me empathy, and inspired my mission to change lives for the rest of my life.

Charitable Christmas EventMy name is Kennedy and I’m the founder of Ndulge. When I was only nine years old, a little girl won a mattress at our family’s annual charitable Christmas carnival and it changed my life forever.

The joy I saw throughout that day from children receiving toys was nothing in comparison to the excitement from this child, no older than I was, receiving a comfortable place to sleep.

At such a young age I suddenly realized that the things I take for granted every day; a bed, a doll, a warm coat, were things other children my age didn’t have.

I knew right then that it was my mission to make a difference, and after many years of thinking about that little girl, my compassion, heart and gypsy soul guided me to start Ndulge.

Founder Kennedy - Believe in Yourself

Growing up wasn’t always easy for me. I suffer from learning disabilities and always struggled in school. I began to feel so much anxiety and started to dread going to class. I started to compare myself to my friends and often thought “why can’t I be like them?” Looking back, I know I didn’t get the best grades in high school, but I’m proud to say that today I am a college student and I own a business with my best friend, my mom.

Now that I’m older, I’ve learned that people have their strengths and weaknesses and everyone grows in different ways. I encourage you to remember not to compare yourself to others, to find the greater things in life, and discover what your true passion is. I learned that I have a heart for giving, which lead me to start Ndulge. But I couldn’t do it alone. Together with my sisters and mom, I’m taking action with fashion by giving back to those in need. A portion of each sale of our chic apparel with heart will benefit women shelters, orphanages, and more. In just one year, Ndulge has expanded into 30 states and more than 100 ambassadors share my mission of giving.

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